100_2289[1]School Days Memories

With school back in session for the start of another year, this is a good time to think of ways to preserve school memories. Many families take that first-day-of-school picture every year, and there are special frames for displaying them. It’s a neat way to see how the child progresses from a gap-toothed kindergartner to a high school senior.

How many homes have magnets holding treasured kindergarten artwork on the refrigerator? I once heard of a mother who saved all her child’s papers in a bag. At the end of each year she stapled the bag shut and stashed it. When her children were older, they surely spent hours going through the bags and remembering. I sent six kids to school, and I didn’t need (or have the room to store) that many bags. But it is nice to keep a few drawings, certificates, etc. Although I didn’t make a scrapbook for each of my children, one would have been a good idea—divided into thirteen sections to detail their work from kindergarten through graduation. As my six read this now, I’m sure they will chide me for not having done so.

How about a time capsule? Let the kids help accumulate items throughout the school year and decide together where to bury or store the capsule. Be sure to add the “Don’t Open Until” instructions. Until when? First day of school next year? First day of high school? Graduation?

As students progress through the grades, they often have tee shirts for the activities they participate in. I’ve seen some attractive pillows and quilts made from the tee shirts. That’s much better than having them end up in the rag bag.

Another neat way to preserve a collection would be a collage in a frame. (I didn’t do this, either, but now it seems like a good idea). A first-grader’s favorite hair bows, an athlete’s medals, or the programs the student has saved from various activities. Your children may be long past school days, but you probably still have some of their mementos in the house. Why not surprise them with a collage for their birthday or Christmas?

If you have a child just starting to school, it’s a good time to make your own traditions. Whatever you do, capture the special moments with photos.

Please share your ideas for capturing those good old school days memories.