Last month I wrote about the items we put into our memory boxes–my mother’s fountain pen, my grandmother’s wedding dish, and my husband’s grandfather’s shaving brush. As I looked around the house, I found quite a collection of family heirlooms to pass on to our six children–heirlooms that we hope will be passed down through several generations.

Looseleaf binder front

The next item to go into the boxes was a loose-leaf binder, and this was where I almost got into trouble. My husband had planned the dimensions and made the boxes, and I bought the binders to fill with more family history. But we didn’t think to coordinate the measurements. The binders barely fit inside. If anyone else is thinking of making the boxes from the instructions (available from last month’s post), be sure everything you want to add will fit inside.

I got around that hurdle and assembled history pages. Here are some of the things I included:

A Family Story

A page telling about the day each child was born. There were the details that our kids might never know if we didn’t think to tell them–about our first daughter arriving on the day a perfect World Series game was pitched, and her daddy missed it because of her impending birth. Or the morning we were ready to go to the hospital for our son’s birth, and the truck battery was dead.

Family Tree

I put in family tree pages for both sides of our family, some of my published articles, and other things I hoped would interest our children. Since we have six children, I made six copies of everything. If you’re thinking of doing this, I suggest making an extra copy and keeping one for yourself.

photo page

Next came the photo pages. (This was before we used digital cameras and saved photos on the computer). I arranged black and white photos together on one page, and colored prints on another. When I had all the pages ready, I took them to a print shop to get the copies made.

Whether you make a memory box or choose some other method, it will be worth the effort you put into it. The memory boxes are probably the most treasured gifts we have given our children.